The Science and Art of Conservation & Restoration



Conservation: The vital preservation of cultural heritage through examination, documentation, treatment, and prevention. It stands as the paramount safeguard for the longevity of artworks and historical objects.

Focus of conservation:  Preserving authentic historic artworks. Conserving an artwork involves repairing, stabilizing structures, and removing old, improper intervention attempts.  

Conservation Purpose: Enhancing artwork by stabilizing physical issues and rectifying surface disfigurement from deterioration or damage. Strength is imparted to the artwork's structure, ensuring resilience across generations. 

Through fine conservation 

the work of the original artist becomes timeless.

Examples  of  Conservation  Treatments

Facing : Protecting the original Painting surface through the Conservation process  

Lining : Protecting the Support of a Painting attaching a new support to the back of the existing one. 

Deworming/Reinforcement : 

to the wooden support of 

a panel Icon

Consolidation : The authentic exfoliated Paintings pieces.Saving the authentic Artwork 

Traditional Wood Panel Bonding: using traditional techniques

Bonding : a broken wooden panel of an Icon