The Science and Art of Conservation & Restoration



Conservation: The preservation of artwork and historical objects of cultural heritage through examination, documentation, treatment, and prevention.  It is the most important treatment for the life of artwork.

Focus of conservation:  Preserving authentic work. Conserving artwork involves repairing, stabilizing structure, and removing old, improper intervention attempts.  

Purpose of conservation: To improve the condition of an artwork by stabilizing all problems relating to its physical condition and addressing surface disfigurement arising from deterioration and/or damage. Through conservation, the structure of the artwork is strengthened to withstand generations of wear.

Through fine conservation 

the work of the original artist becomes timeless.

Examples  of  Conservation  Treatments

Facing : Protecting the original Painting surface through the Conservation process  

Lining : Protecting the Support of a Painting attaching a new support to the back of the existing one. 

Deworming/Reinforcement : 

to the wooden support of 

a panel Icon

Consolidation : The authentic exfoliated Paintings pieces.Saving the authentic Artwork 

Traditional Wood Panel Bonding : using traditional techniques

Bonding : a broken wooden panel of an Icon