The Science and Art of Conservation & Restoration


  Our basic aim is to deepen the relations between our historical cultural heritage and the art and science of conservation and restoration. Cultural heritage is the historical culture that belongs to all of us, and it is our duty to preserve and save it. VENIS STUDIOS wants to contribute, in a scientific way, to the preservation of artwork revealing their authenticity and historicity. Through the work of conservation and restoration, the artwork itself along with its historical, artistic, social, humanitarian, and spiritual messages is inherited by the next generations. By preserving our culture, we honor our forefathers, and the painters, iconographers, sculptors, and all artists and creators of the past. 

Our goal is to promote the unity of the past and the future, the unity of nations, cultures, and humanity.

The conservator and restorer is the doctor of artwork: s/he  cures artwork, protects it, and gives it the care it needs. Only s/he can communicate with art in this special way.

By saving our past, we learn from it and by learning from it, we can provide a better future for us and the generations to come.